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Unique or Additional Services Award

Award Criteria:

This category is for all of the extra/additional services that a couple could possibly want on their special day! Be it Fireworks, Reindeers, Dog Handlers, Children’s Crèche, Dove Release, Memory books. It can be anything that enhances a wedding day for the couple concerned.

We are looking for an exceptional service whatever your product or service, one that will remain as a memory that really made the day. So you need to tell us why you feel that whatever your product may be, you are the best.

To be considered as a possible finalist or winner, you will need to provide the following information within the order it is presented to you below. Please ensure you answer every point in full so that you qualify as an entry and present your business in the very best possible way. Remember to provide the full name, address and website address of your company.

Enter Now!

Please start your entry by describing in full your product or service and tell how it enhances a wedding day.

  • Please provide a brochure, image and any marketing material you may use.

  • Talk us through your consultation process and how you build your service around the couple’s requirements.

  • Describe a wedding where you have provided your products in the last year.

  • Please tell us why you feel you offer the best product or service and provide any testimonials you may have.

All entrants must have been trading for a minimum of 12 months as at time of judging (Sunday, 6th October 2024) and be based in Kent.

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