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Videographer of the Year

Award Criteria:

Videographers play an important part in capturing the unique moments of a couple’s special day, using their creative flair and excellent timing they create lifelong cherished memories of a couple’s most important day.

Our judges are looking for talented videographers to supply examples of their work that best demonstrate how they capture the day and their entry will be judged upon the following criteria.

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  • How do you initially show examples of your work to couples?
  • Describe your consultation with the couple about their day
  • Describe how you work in conjunction with the wedding photographer
  • Tell us about the styles of work you can offer and how you are able to personalise each wedding
  • What is your price range and what choice of packages can you offer couples?
  • Describe how you interact with the couple and their family
  • Describe your contact with the wedding venue / reception prior to the wedding
  • When do the bride and groom get to see your hard work?
  • What format do you offer couples of your work?
  • What qualifications do you hold?

All entrants must have been trading for a minimum of 12 months as at time of judging (Sunday, 6th October 2024) and be based in Kent.

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